Characteristics of Good and Bad Forums

It is important to distinguish between good Middle East business forums which you can gain a lot by using, and bad forums where you lose the valuable time you invest in using them and gain little by doing so. Below are some characteristics of both.

– Content

Although content is user generated, a good Middle East business forum will always try to insure that most of the content posted by its users is useful and factual. This can be done by restricting the forum members to practicing and established people in the business or having knowledgeable moderators who know factual posts from nonsense ones.

– Members

The members are the cornerstone of any forum. They will be a key factor in whether the forum is a good or bad forum. A forum full of childish comments and useless posts will never help you with what you need; on the other hand a business forum with knowledgeable members who try to help each other will be of great use to you. It is easy to tell the type of members on any forum. Members with childish nicknames, bad grammar and awful spelling are defiantly the wrong kind of members. Members who use their real names, write well and present information useful to all are the right kind of members on any Middle East business forum.

– Spam

Spam is posts on a forum that is an advertisement, abusive, or otherwise unwanted. Spam can reduce the quality of your experience on a forum. A good Middle East business forum will do everything it can to minimize spam.

– Moderation

A good business forum will have proficient moderators who keep the forum clean and encourage discussions. They also answer members’ concerns about the forum, general questions, as well as respond to specific complaints. Having good moderators are a definite characteristic of a good professional Middle East business forum, while having bad or abusive ones is a characteristic of a forum.

By considering those factors and choosing a good Middle East business forum you will gain a lot and keep away from the possibility of wasting time on useless forum. To read more articles about the topic and other related topics please visit

Source by Ahmed Mohey El-Deen

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